About Us

The owner is a Licensed Veterinary Technician with over 23 years of experience in Veterinary Medicine. “Throughout my journey I ran into many health related issues with my own pets. Searching for answers, I took a proactive approach to find solutions. Exploring Holistic Veterinary Medicine, working with a certified animal nutritionist and combining conventional medicine was the solution. Proper nutrition is the foundation and the best preventive medicine we can offer our animal companions.”

“Jag’s” heartfelt journey:

We began our business out of love and dedication for our beloved Nebolish Mastiff “Jag”. He was truly an inspiration to the power of proper nutrition and supplements. As a puppy he experienced severe allergies that escalated to about forty percent hair loss as a adult dog. With no hair left on his paws, all red, inflamed and moist. The veterinarian suggested the usual course of action: steroids, prescription diets and ultimately allergy testing. Declining the stamped out approach, I decided to search for solutions. I searched for the very best food available, along with supplements to treat the root of the problem. Shortly after switching his food and putting him on supplements the redness went away and his hair grew back beautifully. The power of proper nutrition was at work!

That was only part of his journey. At the age of three he was diagnosed with elevated liver enzymes during routine blood work at the best veterinary collage in the state. The specialists offered up no solutions and a very poor prognoses of a month to live. I worked with a renowned Holistic Veterinarian and a Veterinary Nutritionist to find solutions. After seven additional years of feeding a high quality all natural diet and supplements, we were able to maintain normal liver values and give “Jag” seven additional happy, healthy years with a tremendous quality of life! That’s the power of the direct link between diet and disease. “Jag” passed away one month short of his tenth birthday of old age with perfectly normal liver enzymes. He was the true inspiration for starting Nourish Pet Care.

In Loving Memory of “Jag”