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Don't be surprised when the EzyDog Fido Flyer becomes your preferred dog frisbee of choice! The rugged reinforced design you will lots of miles out of this dog toy. This nylon frisbee is great for exercising fun with your best friend.

  • Rugged dog fetch and retrieval toy
  • Long distance flight
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Tough 840 Denier nylon reinforced with a nylon webbing ring
  • "It Floats" fun for water and land

Caution: This is a very durable retrieval toy. This is not a chew toy! For supervised fetch games only, so you will get miles of fun out of this item.


At EzyDog, our dog toys are engineered for durability in mind, comfort, ease of use, and made with the highest quality of materials. We can make a dog toy very durable where our competitors fail. If the traditional dog Frisbee is too clunky, old-fashioned, and outdated, then why not try a truly innovative dog flying disc? Our Frisbee style dog toy is very lightweight and contains a tough nylon with reinforced webbing.

This water toy for dogs flies extra long distances with minimal effort required on your part, we just hope you can keep up with your dog constantly bringing it back! Our nylon dog Frisbee is also designed to be easy to pick up and comfortable in your dog's mouth, he might not want to give it up! If you enjoy agility training, than you will love Frisbee dog training! Our dog flying discs are made with dog training in mind, and you can combine this dog toy with a collar, leash, or harness for the ultimate package from EzyDog!


Denier typically refers to the thickness and weight of the nylon fibers used. The higher the number, the thicker the fiber. 840 Denier nylon is considered "ballistic nylon", and is well known for its toughness and ability to withstand many pounds of pressure.

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