At Nourish Pet Care in Houston, TX, we understand the needs of our cat companions: the true, obligate carnivore in many of our pet households.  Cats are most definitely healthiest, and happiest, when they are being fed a low carbohydrate and high protein diet.  The benefits are endless for your feline friends!  A high protein based diet lets them thrive with healthy outward appearance in skin and coat, but also helps with other bodily functions such as renal function, eyesight, brain function, etc. with also less chances of illness and disease that plague our pets such as obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.
And though our cats thrive on such a diet, how many pet products are formulating foods specifically for these needs in mind, even the raw foods?
Rad Cat is an all-natural and completely balanced raw food specifically formulated for cats.  Each formula is produced with whole foods that lend all their nutrients to your cat’s body.  In this frozen diet, you can find:
  • USDA inspected meats of the highest quality that are antibiotic and hormone free.
  • No by-products
  • Grain-Free
  • No fruits or vegetables!
Your obligate carnivore needs meat, first and foremost, and not only muscle meats, but also choice cuts of organ meats that also lend essential nutrients to your cat.  Rad Cat only uses meat in their formulas to appeal to a cat’s most primal, biological senses which many cats find very palatable without any additives!
Grains are not needed in a carnivore’s diet, and offer no nutritional value as cat’s do not have the means to break down carbohydrates as they lack amylase, the enzyme that breaks carbohydrates down to basic nutrients.  In recent years, we have found grain to be a common allergen for our pets, and for these reasons, Rad Cat does not include any grain in their formulas.  Even fruits and vegetables can be high in carbohydrates, and do not provide enough essential nutrients for cats.   To be a true, biologically appropriate diet, Rad Cat also eliminates fruits and vegetables as cats would not eat these products if faced to only hunt for food.  Rad Cat’s raw diets also introduce a high moisture diet for your cat, which helps with their kidney function, and can improve the condition of their bladders and urinary tracts!
At Nourish Pet Care, you can find Rad Cat in 8oz tubs in our freezers! Choose from turkey and chicken for your fussy felines!  They are sure to love it!
Have more questions about a raw diet for your cat? Visit Nourish Pet Care seven days a week to speak to our helpful team about frozen raw diets for your pets, and the best choices for them!