The Power of Pumpkin!
Pumpkin can be a powerful supplement for your pet with many nutritional benefits.

Pumpkin can be a powerful supplement for your pet with many nutritional benefits.

Tis the season when we all are enjoying the goodness of our favorite autumnal ingredient: pumpkin!  And while we all are sipping pumpkin spice lattes, and taking the time to select a pumpkin for the perfect jack o lantern, we rarely think if our pets could enjoy the goodness of pumpkin too.  Good news! They can! Pumpkin can be a beneficial ingredient to add to your dog’s, and even to your cat’s, diet. At Nourish Pet Care, a natural pet supply in Houston, we know what a powerful natural supplement pumpkin can be for your pet.  By using the flesh of the pumpkin and the pumpkin seeds, there are many parts of health it can contribute to for you and your pets!
Pumpkin is a source of great fiber that can help with your pet’s digestion if they are having any issues.  A few spoonfuls of pumpkin mixed in their food or given as a treat can help with diarrhea, constipation, or other gastrointestinal issues. The fibrous pumpkin works with the gut to aid in any time of tummy distress.
The flesh of the pumpkin has no fat, and the fiber can also make your pet feel a little fuller if you are putting them on a diet.  If your pet is overweight and you are considering a diet, take away a little of your pet’s food, and replace it with pumpkin.  Fido will eat fewer calories, and be on track with their weight loss goals!
Pumpkin has lots of antioxidants that can provide to the overall health of your pet’s body. Antioxidants help combat cell damage in the body, so adding some in the form of pumpkin to Fluffy’s bowl can help  with long term health in every aspect.
Pumpkin seeds are sources of essential fatty acids you may not have known about.  Pets can enjoy these raw or lightly roasted.  Essential fatty acids help with skin and coat condition, and can even help reduce inflammation in the body.
As you can see, there are lots of reasons why pumpkin should be an ingredient to introduce to your pet.  The good news is many commercial pet food companies have learned the power of pumpkin, and are now adding it to many foods, treats, and supplements.  Weruva makes cat and dog canned foods cooked in pumpkin broths while Fruitables makes baked cookies and even a line of supplements that all contain pureed pumpkin to support digestive health.  Pumpkin seeds are used in Nature’s Logic pet food as a whole food source for great vitamins.
The great news in this is you can find these at one place in Houston: Nourish Pet Care!
Stop into the store seven days a week to ask our helpful team members of the benefits of pumpkin, and how it can help your pet! Share the goodness of the fall season with adding a little pumpkin into your pet’s diet today!