The New Year has started in full force with one week of it already gone.  And with the New Year comes the slew of resolutions that are very familiar to all of us.  There are some that are popular and obvious: eating better, making healthier lifestyle choices, exercising more, losing weight, learning something new, etc.  But have you ever thought about creating a New Year’s resolution that can also be applied to the furry, four-legged members of your family? At Nourish Pet Care, a natural pet supply in Houston with specialty pet care services, we know your pet is a part of your family, and we want to include them in every aspect of our lives.  Why shouldn’t we also include them on making better lifestyle choices for our entire family?
Here are a few resolutions for you and your pet!
  1. Eating Healthier!
When we think about eating better, we think more about preparing our food from fresh ingredients rather than eating pre-made food from restaurants or stores.  Though it is standard for us to know we gather more nutrition from fresh, whole foods, shouldn’t we also apply this thinking to our pets’ food?  Add more fresh foods to your pet’s diet in order to give them more nutrients!  Substitute some of your dog’s kibble with frozen raw food or supplement with freeze-dried foods. Not only are these foods full of whole ingredients, but they are low in fat and high in protein!   Swap out the biscuit treats for plain freeze-dried meats that are high value and high in protein.  And always use portion control for any of your pets in order to avoid obesity, or diseases such as diabetes.
2) Exercise More!
It seems with all the hustle and bustle, we never exercise enough for our own health, and usually, this can be applied to our dogs as well.  Follow your resolution of exercising more by including Fido!  Instead of hitting the gym, take a stroll or a jog around the neighborhood every day with your dog.  Both of you will be burning calories and getting into shape!
3) Learn Something New!
We prove to ourselves every time we want to learn something new that old dogs can learn new tricks! How about extending the same learning opportunities to our dogs?  Learning new skills can help our dogs remain challenged and satisfied with the fact they are bonding with their owners.  There are many different activities you and your dog can learn together from basic obedience skills all the way to agility or even scent work! This can help you find a new hobby that includes your best pal!
The team at Nourish Pet Care can help you and your pet stick to your resolutions. Stop into the store any day of the week to find out how you can improve yours and your pet’s 2015!