Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance was founded over thirty years ago, and their mission was simple: to provide pets and their owners with what they dubbed “The Food of a Lifetime.” Over the course of those thirty years, Natural Balance has led the way for many other food companies to do the same.  This is why at Nourish Pet Care, a pet supply store in Houston, TX, we have chosen to add varieties of Natural Balance to provide this food to the pets and their owners within our community.

Natural Balance began with their simple mission, and they have since expanded their line to add many different varieties and formulations for both dogs and cats alike.  Their company uses unique proteins of the highest quality, complex carbohydrates, and nourishing fruits and vegetables.  These are only a few mentions of what they offer as a whole.

Limited Ingredient Diets (L.I.D.)

Natural Balance was the first company to develop Limited Ingredient Diets available in a commercial pet food.  For dogs with severe allergies or food sensitivities, a limited ingredient diet is best in order to avoid the ingredients they are allergic to, or a great tool in a “elimination diet” when trying to find what a pet is allergic to.  Natural Balance’s Limited Ingredient Diets use singular proteins of the highest quality with a singular carbohydrate source.  These diets can be found in many varieties, such as Potato and Duck, or Sweet Potato and Fish, which are both offered at Nourish Pet Care.

Nourishing Cans

Natural Balance hasn’t only been a leader in dry foods, but they also know the importance of moisture in a pet’s diet as well.  This knowledge has led to a variety of cans being produced whether they be Limited Ingredient Diets, or formulated for pets without allergies, both for dogs and cats. Even if your pet is on a strict elimination diet, there is a can to match the kibble they are eating from Natural Balance!

Treats are Important Too!

And they don’t stop with food! Natural Balance also offers treats, and they offer them in the Limited Ingredient Diets so that your pooch can enjoy biscuits or chewy treats without the fear they will break out in itching and scratching!  Treats can be found for both dogs and cats, in many formulations with unique, high quality ingredients that can also be found in their foods.

Come into Nourish Pet Care, seven days a week, to speak with our helpful team about trying Natural Balance for your pet! We offer many different varieties of both dry, canned, and their treats!  Natural Balance is the next food you need to add to your rotation!