Our pets are considered not only our pets, but an integral part of our family.  As a part of our family, we want to care for them the best way we know how, and part of that is finding the best diet for our pets.  Isn’t the best we can do is feeding them a biologically appropriate diet? This is what we believe at Nourish Pet Care in Houston, and this is why we carry an assortment of species appropriate diets for dogs and cats, and these can be found in many different forms.  It is also the reason why we carry Hound & Gatos canned foods.

This is the philosophy of Hound & Gatos: your pets are your family, so why not provide them with their ancestral diet?  The reasoning behind the canned food formulas is simple.  Our dogs and cats need meet in order to survive and thrive.  This is why Hound & Gatos provide canned foods with one hundred percent meat and no added carbohydrates.  They refer to this as a “Paleolithic” diet as it is one that our pets have been on for thousands of years before they were domesticated to be our companions.  Carbohydrates are just one of the ingredients Hound & Gatos avoids.  They avoid any ingredient they see as harmful, which includes soy, artificial flavorings and colorings, wheat, grain, and other glutens.

Each formula is made with human grade meats and made into complete diets with vitamin and mineral blends.  Hound & Gatos provides pets with traditional formulas such as chicken, beef, and lamb, but also more novel proteins such as rabbit, pork, salmon, trout, and they are currently working on new formulas to provide dogs and cats with as much variety as possible.  Hound & Gatos canned foods are a wonderful choice for pets that may be suffering from allergies, and who need a simpler diet in order to weed out common allergens.

Hound & Gatos canned foods are excellent for your pet for a multitude of reasons. Not only can they be wonderful for pets with allergies, but canned foods are ultimately a healthier decision than kibble for cats and dogs. Canned foods are packed with moisture, which benefit the kidneys and urinary tract and bladder of cats and dogs.  These less processed foods take much of the stress off internal organs, making it easier for your pet to process and digest, while actually absorbing all the nutrients.   Pets who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease or other bowel inflammation can benefit from a less-processed diet as many grains, glutens, and other carbohydrates unfortunately contribute to bowel inflammation, and can further irritate these conditions.

Hound & Gatos canned food can very easily be worked into your pet’s rotation, and they are not the only company to offer such wonderful varieties of foods for your obligate carnivore companions.  At Nourish Pet Care, we carry an assorted variety of natural pet foods that fall into the “species-appropriate” category.  Nourish Pet Care is open seven days a week to cater to your pet’s needs, and to help you find the best foods possible for your pets!