Grandma Lucy’s Freeze-Dried Pet Food

Grandma Lucy’s freeze-dried pet food have now become a popular item on the pet food menu, or at least they have in the natural food, Houston-based store, Nourish Pet Care.  At Nourish Pet Care, we boast an array of freeze-dried foods for our four-legged customers that provide a multitude of benefits for them.  While Nourish Pet Care offers many excellent brands, Grandma Lucy’s is a brand which our customers, especially the furry ones, keep coming back to for more!

Grandma Lucy’s is a company that has been devoted to healthy pet food since 1999, and before that, they were making excellent organic treats not only for their own dog, but to a wide audience of pets.  It was in response to the Melamine Crisis in the early 2000s that Grandma Lucy’s became more passionate about making their pet food available to an even wider customer base.  When many pet parents were concerned with the safety of pet food on the shelves, Grandma Lucy’s knew they had to go one step further in their business to make sure they were giving pets a healthy and safe product.

Grandma Lucy’s freeze-dried pet food features two lines: Artisan and PureFormance.  Each line is crafted with human grade ingredients while keeping to grain-free formulas that offer whole-food, non-filler nutrition for dogs and cats.  The freeze-dried process takes only the moisture from the ingredients, but still leaves the best nutrients in each of the ingredients, unlike the extrusion process in which kibble goes through.   Grandma Lucy’s freeze-dried foods do not contain by-product meals, harmful fillers, nor do they contain harmful preservatives.

The Artisan line contains many unique protein choices combined with fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, etc.  PureFormance was made with the especially sensitive dog in mind, using very novel proteins such as Rabbit or Goat, and combining them with chickpeas, a lower glycemic choice than white potato.

How do you serve Grandma Lucy’s freeze-dried pet food? First, you take the recommended feeding amount and place it in a stainless steel bowl with warm to room temperature water.  Then wait three to five minutes for the food to reconstitute.  The food will come to an “oatmeal” type consistency, and is ready to serve!

Grandma Lucy’s can be served to your dog or cat in many ways. While it is a fully balanced, all-life stage approved food, it does not always need to be served on its own.  Grandma Lucy’s can be added as a “gravy” or topper to any kibble, canned, or raw diet!  This product is also easy and convenient to store, as it does not have to be refrigerated in order to be preserved.  It is a great alternative to a frozen raw diet, especially if traveling!

Stop into Nourish Pet Care in Houston to browse our selection of Grandma Lucy’s foods and treats!  There is something to find for every dog in their selection!