The core of a nutritious diet for our companion carnivores is meat. While this is the main focus of their diet as an essential need, we always want to present our pets with new variety in their food as well as their treats.  How often do we offer our pets fruit?

Probably not very often.

At Nourish Pet Care, a natural pet supply,  our team promotes variety in every aspect of your pet’s diet.  So why not introduce fruits so that they can reap the benefits of these nutrient-rich foods?  An easy way to do this is to retire the old biscuits, and try out Fruitables!


Fruitables started with a veterinarian with an extensive nutritional research background who believes in giving pets the absolute best, even when they are getting a simple biscuit.  The basis  for the Fruitables company is simple: providing nutrition to companion animals by emphasizing fresh ingredients.    Providing fruits to your pet can provide them with sources of Vitamin A, C, and E, as well as countless antioxidants that keep your pet healthy!


These crunchy morsels combne fruits (and some even have meat!) to create a tasty and nutritious treat.  Fruitables crunchy biscuit treats are calorie-smart, meaning there are only eight and a half calories per treat!  As many treats can be high in fat, these can be a smart alternative if your pet is on a weight-loss or weight maintenance diet.  Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are used as a source of fiber, as well as a digestive supplement. Combined with bananas, apples, cranberries, and blueberries supply your pet with antioxidants as well as great flavor!


Is your dog not a fan of biscuits? Do they crave the soft and chewy texture of meat? Fruitables has an answer for this as well in their Skinny Mini’s and Jerkies!

Fruitables Skinny Mini’s come in a soft and chewy morsel, perfect for dogs who like treats that are more jerky-like. The reason they are called Skinny Mini’s? They are only five calories per treat!  Your pet can still enjoy flavorful fruity combinations such as pumpkin and berry and pumpkin and mango!  Not a fan of fruit? Don’t worry, Skinny Mini’s also come in Apple & Bacon, Bison, and Salmon!

Fruitables also understands the importance of meat, and understands pets who would rather only have meat.  This is why they have their line of jerkies.  These jerkies are simple: only meat without any artificial additives or preservatives! The Thick-Cut Bacon Jerky we offer in store is a must have for any strict carnivore’s treat rotation!


Fruitables isn’t only about the goodness of treats, but  supplements as well!  In their line of supplements are pureed pumpkin and sweet potato combined with herbals, fruit, and vegetables to assist your pet’s digestive health. Use for a source of dietary fiber, or to help your pet’s digestion when switching to a new food! Choose from Switch, Sweet Potato SuperBlend, or Pumpkin & Ginger!

Stop into Nourish Pet Care in Houston, TX today to browse our extensive selection of Fruitables products! Our helpful team will help find the best one for your pet!