All year, Houston is blessed with moderate to warm temperatures, and most of the time, we have beautiful weather!  While most of the time we are thankful for these warmer days, we don’t realize until we spot a black crawling spot on our dogs or cats—a flea— that the warmer temperatures can sometimes feel like a curse.  How are we able to eradicate or deter these fleas?  At Nourish Pet Care, a natural pet supply located in Houston, TX, we stock a few different options for flea and tick prevention and treatment that can make the warmer weather a little easier for everyone to bear!

Natural Flea & Tick Sprays

Wondercide’s Evolv spray for dogs and cats is one such spray that we carry at Nourish Pet Care.  The spray does not contain any chemicals, but the active ingredients are essential oils such as cedar wood and lemongrass that are known to naturally repel and kill pests such as fleas, ticks, mosquitos, etc.   Evolv can be applied to a dog or a cat; it’s gentle enough to work on both! Apply as often as needed depending on how often your pet goes outside, but the recommended application frequency is between two to three days.  Simply spray this on your hands, and massage into your pet’s coat, going against the fur to get down to the skin as well.

Natural Chemistry also offers a pet flea spray for your home with similar ingredients to the Evolv.  This spray can be used on cloth fibers where fleas may be hiding so that you can kill or repel any fleas that may be hiding in carpet, bedding, or the baseboards.  If your pet is known to have fleas, used the Natural Chemistry DeFlea Spray along your baseboards, in the carpeting, and even on the pet bedding in order to squelch the problem that may be hiding in plain sight!

Topical Flea Treatments

It can be difficult to find the best topical flea and tick medications for your pets.  Oftentimes, we hear about how they may be ineffective to the new generations of bugs.  In some cases this may happen, but the surest way to make sure it does not happen is to rotate the types of flea treatments you use so that way the pests in your area do not become immune to one type of medication. Each topical medication has different active ingredients.  Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution are the most popular brands, and are the most well-known amongst the veterinary community.  Ask your veterinarian which topical flea and tick medication would be best for your pet.

Flea and tick season can be scary and a nuisance, but by using the right type of prevention and treatment, you can help to eliminate these pests from your home.  Take time to stop into Nourish Pet Care, and ask us more about what type of flea and tick treatment might be best for your pets!