February is Pet Dental Health Month! 

We think about our own dental health very often from deciding what toothpaste is best for us to making an appointment at the dentist for cleaning every six months. But how often do we think about our pet’s dental health and dental maintenance?  Our pet’s teeth are important to their health and overall wellbeing, which is why at Nourish Pet Care, a natural pet supply in Houston, Texas, we carry a variety of products to help keep your pet’s teeth clean and sparkling white!

There are many ways to keep your pet’s teeth and mouth healthy! Here are a few tips to keep your pet’s mouth clean and to keep them happy!


Chewing is the natural way for dogs, and even cats, to keep their teeth free of plaque and tartar, which keeps their breath fresh and their teeth strong.  Dental chews are ridged chews with different ingredients that contribue to breaking down plaque and tartar.  For instance, Ark Naturals Brushless Toothpaste come packaged in a variety of sizes with ridges for dog’s to scrape their teeth against to remove any debris from the teeth.  Combine this with the herbal components such as vanilla, cinnamon, and clove, your dog will also have fresh breath! Did we mention these are also very palatable to your dog, and will be seen as a treat instead of as a chore?! There are other dental chews available with similar components such as Terrabones and Indigenous Dental Chews that can add variety to your dog’s teeth cleaning routine!


Real bones are the best for cleaning teeth with bones having such density, texture, and did we mention the flavor is great too?  Lightly smoked or raw meaty bones have all the ridges available to scrape tartar and plaque from your dog’s teeth, and can help them maintain a healthy mouth. Giving a bone a couple of times a week is all you need to keep their mouth sparkling!  Remember, bones are hard and dense, so be sure your dog’s teeth are up to the job when it comes to chewing! Always be sure with your veterinarian that bones are an appropriate choice.


There are not as many chews for cats, as finding bones small enough to fit in cats’ mouths are nearly impossible to find.  But in the wild, the carnivorous felines of other species chew on bones like their canine counterparts, and this helps keep their mouth clean too.  Little chews such as steer sticks or smoked duck feet can helo your feline friend exercise their need to chew while also keeping their mouth clean.


The helpful team at Nourish Pet Care can assist you in any of your pet’s dental needs.  Stop in seven days a week to browse our selection of dental chews and find the best one for your pet’s teeth!