natural pet food Houston

natural pet food Houston

Houston’s Premier Natural Pet Store & Luxury Cat Boarding

The Nourish Petcare Experience

Nourish Pet Care is the premier pet store in Houston. Our commitment is to provide natural foods, treats & supplements for both dogs & cats in all areas of Houston Texas. We offer many organic & holistic product diets including kibble, can and complete raw diets, with a full line of holistic supplements. Nourish Pet Care is passionate about the health and well being of your dogs and cats. Feeding an optimal diet to our animal companions directly correlates to overall better health, reducing many common health issues. We have witnessed first-hand the power of feeding the right natural pet food and how it can, not only reverse various ailments, but also prevent them.

Luxury Cat Boarding in Houston has a new standard. We board cats only in our custom nature retreat. When you pick a suite or a townhouse, your feline family member will receive the very best accommodations. Daily email updates and lots of extra play-time are just a few things that ensures the best cat boarding experience in Houston.

Why Choose this Natural Pet Store in Houston?

  • We provide natural pet foods, treats & supplements.
  • We’re passionate about the health and well being of your pets.
  • Our Product-list includes only the best natural and organic brands  for your pet.
  • We accommodate Houston with luxury CATS-ONLY boarding like no other.
  • The owner is a Licensed Veterinary Technician with over 24 years of experience
  • Nourish Pet Care provides high quality products at great prices.